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Independence Empowerment Center, Inc.

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See interview with Dr. Lopez
Go to URL:    Next, in the black screen area, on the top left are three horizontal lines: click. Choose August 10, 2018 (or 081018) There you will see my interview as the Executive Director of Independence Empowerment Center by Victoria Graham.
Executive Director

Mary D. Lopez, Ph.D.
703-257-5400 ext. 117

Dr. Mary D. Lopez graduated from Woodbridge High School (and found her way back to Prince William County 30 years later!) and Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Sociology from Northwestern University. Lopez had her start with Centers from Independent Living in Forest Park, Illinois where she was first a Board Member, then worked in Community Reintegration and finished at Progress Center as a Program Director.  She has been at Independence Empowerment Center as the Executive Director since 2005.


Office Manager

Najat Igri -- Acting Office Manager
703-257-5400 ext 110

Independent Living Advocate

Shannon Straughn

703-257-5400 ext. 113

Elderly & Disability Consumer Directed (EDCD) Administrative Assistant

Katherine Flakes

571-364-6411 (Voice/Videophone)

Program Director

Roberta McEachern
703-257-5400 ext. 115

Roberta first came to IEC as a volunteer, while attending school to become a medical assistant. On the last day of her externship she was offered a part-time job at IEC as an office assistant. She quickly moved to full-time as she was promoted to the Community Action position. From that position she learned, from hands on experience, about advocacy, The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Independent Living history. She then moved into the position of Service Facilitator where she was able to meet people face-to-face and worked hard to get the services they so badly needed. Currently, she holds the position of Program Director.

Elderly & Disabled Consumer Directed (EDCD) Service Facilitator

Alan Smiley                                                                                                                 

 703-257-5400 ext. 112

Elderly & Disability Consumer Directed (EDCD) Service Facilitator

Cassandra Jackson                                                                                                  703-257-5400 ext. 111

Elderly & Disability Consumer Directed (EDCD) Service Facilitator

Frederique Vincent
703-257-5400 ext. 112