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Can IEP* Meetings Be Recorded?

posted Mar 18, 2015, 12:50 PM by Mary Lopez

*Individualized Education Programs not only can, but should be recorded.  Here is what the Virginia Code says:

"Audio and video recording.

1.    The local educational agency shall permit the use of audio recording devices at meetings convened to determine a child’s eligibility under 8VAC20-81-80; to develop, review, or revise the child’s IEP under 8VAC20-81-110 F; and to review discipline matters under SVAC20-81-160 D. The parent(s) shall inform the local educational agency before the meeting in writing, unless the parents cannot write in English, that they will be audio recording the meeting.  If the parent(s) does not inform the local educational agency, the parent(s) shall provide the local educational agency with a copy of the audio recording.  The parent(s) shall provide their own audio equipment and materials for audio recording.  If the local educational agency audio records meetings or receives a copy of an audio recording from the parent(s), the audio recording becomes a part of the child’s educational record.

2.    The local educational agency may have policies that prohibit, limit, or otherwise regulate the use of:

a.     Video recording devices at meetings convened pursuant to this chapter; or

b.    Audio or video recording devices at meetings other than those meetings identified in subdivision of this subsection

3.    These policies shall:

a.     Stipulate that the recordings become part of the child’s educational record;

b.    Ensure that the policy is uniformly applied; and

c.     If the policy prohibits the use of the devices, the policy shall provide for exceptions if they are necessary to ensure that the parent(s) understands the IEP, the special education process, or to implement other parental rights guaranteed under this chapter."


Statutory Authority

§§ 22.1-16 and 22.1-214 of the Code of Virginia

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 25, Issue21, eff. July 7, 2009; amended, Virginia Register Volume 26, Issue 8, eff. January 25, 2010.