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Important Info for People with Medicaid Waivers

posted Mar 3, 2016, 12:39 PM by Mary Lopez   [ updated Jun 19, 2017, 9:43 AM ]

Consumer-Directed Attendants Would Not be Allowed to Work More Than 40 Hours a Week

Final Days to Communicate with Legislators

Overtime for hours worked more than 40 in a week currently being paid to Medicaid consumer-directed attendants will end.

The House and Senate of the Virginia General Assembly have adopted amendments that would prohibit consumer-directed attendants from working more than 40 hours a week.

The Budget Conference Committee is negotiating the final budget. It is expected that they will complete their work by Monday.

If you disagree with the cap on consumer-directed attendant hours, contact members of the Budget Conference Committee and your state Senator and Delegate now. The Budget Conference Committee members are listed below:
Delegate Kirk Cox, 804-698-1066,
Delegate Tag Greason, 804-698-1032,
Delegate Chris Jones, 804-698-1076,
Delegate Steve Landes, 804-698-1025,
Delegate John O’Bannon, 804-698-1073,
Delegate Luke Torian, 804-698-1052, 
Senator Emmett Hanger, 804-698-7524,
Senator Janet Howell, 804-698-7532,
Senator Steve Newman, 804-698-7523,
Senator Thomas Norment, 804-698-7503,
Senator Frank Ruff, 804-698-7515,
Senator Richard Saslaw, 804-698-7535,
Senator Frank Wagner, 804-698-7507,

Contact information for your Senator and Delegate:

List of Delegates
Richard Anderson (PWC) 1-804-698-1051

John Bell (PWC) 1-804-698-1087

Mark L Cole (FAQ) 1-804-698-1088

L. Mark Dudenhefer (PWC) 1-804-698-1002

Timothy D Hugo (PWC) 1-804-698-1040

L.Scott Linremfelter (PWC, FAQ) 1-804-698-1031

Robert G Marshell (PWC MAN PK,Man) 1-804-698-1013

Jackson H Miller (PWC, MAN) 1-804-698-1050

Luke E Torian (PWC) 1-804-698-1052

Michael J Webert (FAQ) 1-804-698-1018

List of senators 
George L Barker (PWC) 1-804-698-7539 Rm # 315

Richard H Black (PWC) 1-804-698-7513

Jeremy S McPike (MAN, MANP, PWC) 1-804-698-7529

Scott A Sorovell (PWC) 1-804-698-7536

Jill Holtzman Vogel (FAQ) 1-804-698-7527

This budget action would not limit the number of hours that an individual can use each week for consumer-directed personal care, respite or companion supports (in other words, if given 56 hours a person can still use 56 hours, but only 40 from one personal attendant.) This is about the number of hours that the consumer-directed attendant can work. People with disabilities could hire multiple consumer-directed attendants; no consumer-directed attendant could work more than 40 hours in a week.

Live-in consumer-directed attendants would not be impacted by this change. They are not subject to overtime provisions.

Please share this information with others who use consumer-directed supports.