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posted Jun 3, 2016, 2:04 PM by Mary Lopez

Me Before You is yet another example of a disabled character - written by a non-disabled author and played by a non-disabled actor - who opts for suicide, rather than to live with a physical impairment.  The list is almost endless, from Whose Life Is It, Anyway to Gattaca to Million Dollar Baby.  

Disabled people are sick of it being seen as reasonable for us to kill ourselves.  Suicide is not portrayed as reasonable for non-disabled people.  We are angry that non-disabled people feel free to misrepresent our lives and to create fiction about disability based on their own fears & prejud
ices.  Such bigotry & misrepresentation would not be considered acceptable about any other minority.  It is time disabled people were treated with the same respect as other citizens.

No more able-bodied actors pretending to have disabilities. No more non-disabled writers devaluing our lives out of ignorance and prejudice!

Picture this:  An able-bodied person has a bad day at the office, the significant other has left, and the car’s transmission is shot.  Everything is going wrong.  The person is depressed. “Yea! Let’s have a movie where the answer for this person is suicide or assisted suicide!”  That’s the answer, right? No, suicide is only the credible or expected answer if the person already has a disability. People are quick to direct a person to get suicide prevention counseling if they are able-bodied.  But for people with disabilities, overwhelmingly, the answer is Better Dead than Disabled!

Well, We Beg to Differ!!!