Personal Assistant Registry

IEC maintains a registry of Personal Assistants.  PAs are employed by the consumer, not IEC.  If you are interested in becoming a PA, contact IEC at 703-257-5400 to request an application.

A little more information about Personal Assistants

IEC works with the”Elderly and Disabled Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Service” Medicaid Waiver.  What does this mean?  Eligible consumers can hire and fire their own personal assistants (PA) when they are in this waiver.  The PA is hired to assist the person with his or her own activities of daily living in order for the person to remain in the community, rather than face institutionalization.  The work is not “skilled” nursing.  If skilled nursing is required, the person must go through an agency, rather than a center for independent living, such as IEC.

IEC helps consumers get into this waiver program and helps establish their individual needs according to strict Medicaid guidelines.  By having a PA Registry at IEC, we maintain a list of eligible PAs for when our consumers call us to ask for our list.  IEC does not hire, train, nor fire PAs.  That is all done by the consumer in question. 

Why do we not train?

Because it is a consumer directed program. It is the consumer who directs his or her own care.  That consumer knows how he or she wants to be lifted, what he or she wants to eat, how it’s cooked, etc.  We belive it is a matter of consumer control, which is what independent living is all about.  It is not–”Yes, you’re independent, but you have to do it my way!”

So, IEC can help consumers find potential PAs, but your employer is then the consumer.  Your paycheck will come from the State of Virginia, on behalf of your employer. But again, it is NOT the state who employees you, but that consumer.  IEC will supply you with the necessary paperwork required to start employment but guess what? Your employer will be the consumer. (IE, the consumer = the boss)

Again, if you are interested in becoming a PA, contact IEC at 703-257-5400 to request an application.